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3 Антени у режимі G, який сенс ?

З форуму dd-wrt.com:

With regards to the antenna chains...

There is alot of people that think setting it different will make it better, but most times, it doesn't
Those chain settings work in regards to what mode and what kinda MIMO setup the router has.
I have a WRT400N, its a 2x2 MIMO N router, its default chains are set to 1+2 | 1+2
If you set it any other way, it will not function properly because it needs the 1+2 chain setting in order to use the antennas properly.
And another diff example...
I have a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH, its a 3x3 MIMO N router, its default chains are set to 1+3 | 1+2+3 which if you ran it in N mode, you would need those chains for it to work properly in regards to it using the 3 antennas to do the MIMO streams that this N unit does, now if i ran it in G-mode only, i could then use a 1+3 | 1+3 chain setting and it still work properly because G only uses a rx and a tx antenna for G specs.
Hope that helps.
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